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"Kakumaru": Rounded Rectangular Terminals <{$lang_popular}>

 Rectangular corner terminals are precarious.Rectangular corner terminals are commonly used for coil bobbins. The reasons are that rectangular corner terminals are easy to manufacture by simply punching a metal plate, and that they prevent wire from sliding down when winding a wire end to a terminal. They may prevent the wire end from sticking out of the surface. However, if the wire is wound onto a rectangular corner terminal, the wire may cut into the terminal, and the coating of the wire may be d...

Type C Thick Wire ( Over 0.8 In Diameter ) : We Use It For A Lead Wire. <{$lang_popular}>

( overφ 0.8 in diameter ) : Used for a lead wire. ( Photo sample; φ 1.0 wire ) (1) Use it for a lead wire. (2) Cover it with a tube. (3) Solder the end of the wire.  

Type B Middle Wire <{$lang_popular}>

(φ 0.2~0.8 in diameter ) : Twisted to make a main wire. (Photo sample: φ 0.45 wire) (1) Twist three φ 0.45 wires.(2) Cover it with a tube. (3) Solder the end of the wire. 

Type A Thin Wire <{$lang_popular}>

 ( up to φ 0.2 in diameter ) : A thin reinforced wire is used. ( Photo sample: φ 0.12 wire in diameter ) (1) Twist nine φ 0.12 wires together and make a strong main wire.(2) Twist three φ 0.3 reinforced wires and 9 twisted main wires. (3 ) Cover it with a tube. (4) Solder the end of the wire. 

Antenna Coils For Contactless Card <{$lang_popular}>

 Wire stuck on type (left)Molding insert type (right)

Optical Pickup Coil <{$lang_popular}>

Sealed bobbin with double layer for iron core

Sealed Molding For Rotary Parts <{$lang_popular}>

 Unified molding for magnetic material and shaft

Road Beam For MD Head <{$lang_popular}>

HDD Stamping Arm Molded Coil <{$lang_popular}>

 We obtained a U.S.A. patent for its low-cost production in May 2000.

HDD Swing Arm Molded Coil <{$lang_popular}>

Our company has a long-standing experience in the molding of the HDD swing arm.
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