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"Kakumaru": Rounded Rectangular Terminals 高ヒット

"Kakumaru": Rounded Rectangular Terminals
"Kakumaru": Rounded Rectangular Terminals

 Rectangular corner terminals are precarious.

Rectangular corner terminals are commonly used for coil bobbins. The reasons are that rectangular corner terminals are easy to manufacture by simply punching a metal plate, and that they prevent wire from sliding down when winding a wire end to a terminal. They may prevent the wire end from sticking out of the surface. However, if the wire is wound onto a rectangular corner terminal, the wire may cut into the terminal, and the coating of the wire may be damaged. As a result, wire corrosion and snapping may occur.

Cylindrical terminals are safe, but inefficient.

Since cylindrical terminals are somewhat slippery, they may cause sliding and unwinding of the wire, and may leave excessive wire tip.

Covering a whole terminal with solder is not the way to prevent it from snapping.

As a safeguard to prevent snapping, the wound part of the terminal shodul be covered with solder. But, since the wire is fixed by solder, snapping risk cannot be completely removed.

So, that's where  "Kakumaru" comes in !

Terminals that provide fixation of the rectangular corner terminals and safety of the cylindrical terminals have been invented. The shape of the terminal part where the wire starts to be wound is cylindrical to assure safety. The shape is changed in the middle to rectangular to improve efficiency. Soldering, leaving the initial three turns unsoldered, prevents snapping since expansion of the wire functions as a cushion. Besides, the cost of Kakumaru is the same as that of usual terminals.