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Overview <{$lang_popular}>

We strive for the ultimate in coils with our highly refined technologies of aligned winding, high density, and winding flat angle wire. With these technologies we solve any problems of occupation ratios, quality and precision for all coils.                                                              1. Linear motor coils         &n...

Super-high Destiny Flat Angle Alpha Winding Coil <{$lang_popular}>

The area ratio of wire in the cross section is over 99%. No other coils can be wound more densely. The Alpha winding enables multiple lamination by jointing both ends of the wire.Large variations - as one coil consists of two layered coils that can be further laminated, various combinations and variations are possible depending on applications.Applications: motors and linear motors, sensors, especially where the maximum efficiency and performance are required.

The Ultimate Coil for Rotary Equipment. <{$lang_popular}>

The coil has the maximum area ratio of copper wire filling up all the wasted space, ideal for the rotary Coil. The biggest problem of coils has been the poor area ratio of wire in the cross section and hence the poor space efficiency. Selco realised the ideal form of the ultimate coils by fully utilising every possible design in coils. The coil is a minuscule copper wire yet achieving the maximum efficiency with the minimum size and low-loss structure. It allows the flexible design & high accura...

Revolutionary High Performance Sealed Coil !! <{$lang_popular}>

   By making a bobbin coil coreless, the area ratio of wire in the cross section increases by 10~20%.    By not using a bobbin but putting a coreless coil into a case, the thickness of the resin decreases by 5~10%.    A coil can be hermetically sealed by resin.    A coil can also be double-sealed by covering the case with resin.    By using the jointless technology, the causes of defect can be eliminated.    Further, by using the high-density t...

Remarkable Area Ratio With The Circular Wire! <{$lang_popular}>

Remarkable area ratio of wire in the cross section of a coil using the circular wire!Precision coreless coil + Compressive molding technology = Innovative technology for coil production.- Super high density coil with the area ratio increase by 10%Using round electric wire, the area ratio of wire is normally 83~87%. We have achieved the world best area ratio of 96%.
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