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We strive for the ultimate in coils with our highly refined technologies of aligned winding, high density, and winding flat angle wire. With these technologies we solve any problems of occupation ratios, quality and precision for all coils.

1. Linear motor coils
Stepper linear motor coils for semiconductor units achieving high density, high precision and high quality. 


2. Solenoids
The magnetomotive force goes up by 50% as a result of the improvement of the space factor by using the coreless coil instead of bobbins and our unique high density technology and the reduction of the thickness of the molding resin.


3. Stepping coils
The power of the coil increases by 20 - 30 % by making a bobbin coil coreless and due to an increase of the area ratio of wire.


4. Coils for IH
IH coils are available for not only electric cookers but many other items with our advancedl technology for winding coils.


5. Antenna coils
Coils directly wound and aligned on to the core are available for any antennas.


6. Motor coils
We build motor and generator coils of all types and develop a variety of coils for sensors, transformers, relays, ignitions, motors as well.


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