SELCO Komoro Head Office / Factory
manufactures a variety of coils and conducts research & development.

Company Profile(As of April 2015)

Trading Name Selco Co., Ltd.
Address  2130-1 Ohaza Mikageshinden Komoro City, Nagano 384-0808 Japan
T E L   (267)23-3322
F A X   (267)23-2233
Established  July 29,1970
Capital Stock  ¥40,000,000-
Executive officers   President & CEO  Nobuyuki Kobayashi 
Director  Nagao Kinoshita
Director:  Kyoko Kobayashi
Number of Employees  30


Dalian Factory in China

manufactures super precision products in Dalian, China with highly skilled workers.  (contract production managed by SELCO).



 Thai Factory (T.I.T. ELECTRONICS)

operates high quality and low cost production as a mass production base. (with about 400 skilled employees)